Don’t let the Left fool yourself

The EHRC report is likely to trigger a debate between the “Labour has been antisemitic but Zionism blah blah” and “Labour is antisemitic but Israel blah blah”. Think JewDas vs Yachad.

Don’t be fooled.

In fact, both the camps aim to sell the lie that the distinction between antisemitism and antizionism is the most important issue of Jewish history.

Spoiler alert: in 2020/2021 CE it is not.

Both the camps (the Yachad supporters and the JewDas enablers) maintain that Labour antisemitism is a problem that must be treated with “education not repression”.

Again: don’t be fooled.

Both camps want to sell (and want you to pay for it!) their “educational training program on antisemitism”. The two programs, the Yachad-approved and the JewDas enabled, are indeed the same.

Don’t be fooled.


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Rabbi Dr Andrea Zanardo, PhD

I’m the first Rabbi ever to be called “a gangster”. Also, I am a Zionist.