On Classical Reform Judaism and its aftermath

An institution which was meant to rebuild Jewish life in Germany has become the reason why Jews have left Judaism.

How ironic. How bitter. How sad.

I don’t know how many Rabbis can say the same: the libraries’ catalogues and reference books will provide the answer.

You’ll never find my name next to Walter Homolka’s. Not that I knew about his lack of morality. I wish I did, but that’s another story.

For six millions of very good reasons.

But this kind of disembodied Judaism, without Halacha, without Emunah (faith in God) without peoplehood, periodically resurfaces. Someone on the Left at times embraces the denial of Jewish peoplehood.

I’m proud of the terrible relations I have with people who kept silent in front of abuses committed by the husband of the principal of a Rabbinical college.

Yes, I know: there are sexual molesters everywhere. Indeed I opened this sermon mentioning painful cases across the board, from Orthodox to Reform. These are only the tips of the iceberg. The system is rotten everywhere. No week passes without horrible news from this or that Chareidi group, Orthodox school, or non-Orthodox Summer camp. Harassments take place everywhere.



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Rabbi Dr Andrea Zanardo, PhD

Rabbi Dr Andrea Zanardo, PhD

I’m the first Rabbi ever to be called “a gangster”. Also, I am a Zionist.